Area.Area Tools for working with bounding boxes.
Area.Chunk For working with chunks.
Area.Direction Functions for working with directions and orientations.
Area.Orientation Functions for working with orientations.
Area.Position Tools for working with <x,y> coordinates.
Area.Surface For working with surfaces.
Area.Tile Tools for working with tiles.
Core The Core module loads some helper functions and globals useful in all stages of a mods life cycle.
Data.Pipes Pipes
Data.Sprites Sprites
Data.Util Data Utilities
Entity.Entity Tools for working with entities.
Entity.Inventory For working with inventories.
Entity.Resource Resource utilities.
Event.Changes Configuration changed event handling.
Event.Event Makes working with events in Factorio a lot more simple.
Event.Force Force global creation.
Event.Gui Makes monolithic Factorio GUI events more manageable.
Event.Filters Event Filters Predefined event filter functions
Event.Player Player global creation.
Event.Surface Surface global creation.
Event.Trains Tools for working with trains.
Game The game module.
Misc.Config For working with mod configurations.
Misc.Logger For logging debug information to files.
Misc.Migrate Migration helper functions
Misc.Queue A double queue.
Utils.Color For playing with colors.
defines.anticolor A defines module for retrieving colors by name.
defines.color A defines module for retrieving colors by name.
defines.lightcolor A defines module for retrieving colors by name.
defines.time A defines module for retrieving the number of ticks in 1 unit of time.
Utils.Globals Additional lua globals
Utils.Is Is expression library
Utils.Iter Iterator library.
Utils.math Extends Lua 5.2 math.
Utils.string Extends Lua 5.2 string.
Utils.table Extends Lua 5.2 table.
vendor.version Version comparison library for Lua.


Developer Developer
quickstart Quickstart script.


Data.Category Category
Data Data
Data.Entity Entity class
Data.Fluid Fluid
Data.Item Item
Data.Recipe Recipe class
Data.Technology Technology
LinkedList A double-linked list implementation
string_array String Array Metatable For working with string arrays without duplicate values
unique_array Unique Array class For working with unique string array values.
Vendor.Enumerable A collection library to simplify sequential table operations